Breakfast Menu

Classic Breakfast– one egg, two slices of bacon, beans, & two  slices of toast, served with tea or freshly ground coffee. (upgrade to a cappuccino or latte for an extra pound) £6.50

Full House– 2 eggs 2 sausages mushrooms fresh grilled tomatoes beans & hash browns £8.50

Farmhouse Breakfast-two slices of ham, two fried eggs and chips.£7.50

Posh Nosh-scrambled eggs, black pepper & chives served on two sliced of toast with smoked salmon and a slice of fresh lemon.£7.50

Veggie Brekkie- two poached eggs, two veggie sausages, mushrooms, fresh grilled tomatoes, beans, hash browns and two toast. £8.50

Healthy Breakfast– two poached eggs, smoked salmon, asparagus, fresh grilled tomatoes and two toast. £9.50

Mediterranean Breakfast– two scrambled eggs, spinach, halloumi, fresh grilled tomatoes, mushrooms & two toast. £9.50

American Breakfast– two scrambled eggs, two pancakes, two slices of bacon, two hashbrowns & maple syrup. £9.50

Fully Loaded Breakfast-two eggs, two slices of bacon, one sausage, fresh grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, hash browns, chips black pudding and two slices of toast. (served with your choices of tea or freshly ground coffee or upgrade to a latte/cappuccino for one pound) £10.90

Bespoke Breakfast– choose 5 basic items for £6.50

Gluten Free Toast Available £1.00 extra


Egg £1.50       |  Bacon £1.80

Beans £1.50     | Tomatoes £1.80

HashBrowns £1.80| Avacado £1.80

Mushrooms £1.80 |Sausage £1.80

BlackPudding £1.80 |

Veggie sausage £1.80 |

2 toast £1.50|

jam/marmalade/honey 50p   


Asparagus £2.90 

Spinach £2.90

Halloumi £2.90

Smoked Salmon £2.90

Sweet Potato Fries £3.50

Chips £2.50



Good Morning Oat- Porridge with banana honey & cinnamon (served only until 10:30am)£4.50

Omelettes all served with chips or salad

“made with 3 free range eggs”

Cheese & chives – £6.50

Ham & cheese  £7.00

Spanish Omelette– mixed peppers, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and peas. £8.50

Smoked salmon, prawns, parsley  £9.00

Spinach, asparagus & Halloumi– £9.00